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Burn Ban

So I lied about last night. I was indeed productive. Wrote and recorded a new track, much like the first one I posted a while back... it's leaning toward that aesthetic, so if that's your thing: you're in for a treat. If not: oh, well. I now have over half of the album finished.

Did mostly promo work today. Not my favorite aspect (nope, haven't changed), but did more of a guerilla style than I'm used to which was kind of entertaining. We'll see how it works.

Art show tonight was fun. Good friends, beautiful scenery, muffins, my first taste of a fresh prawn, driving vehicles which are older than any of my living relatives, etc.

Other than that, leadership is the main focus right now... there's talk of a coup and I appear to be the chosen one.

I'm stoked about all of this Sony news. PS3 slim, PSP "apps" and PSP reader? Sony had always been my favorite... they might have just reclaimed the throne. We'll see if they deliver.

One last thing: I'm going to add something occasionally that should provide laughs and perhaps be thought-provoking. It's basically my hand at art and thought-mapping. It's something I've been thinking of doing a lot lately because it's a good mix of creativity and academia. I call it, "What I Learned Today". Here's the first one (click to enlarge):

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