YOU HONK AND WE SAY THANK YOU (2009, CD-R) out of print
SONS & DAUGHTERS (2013, DIGITAL) currently unavailable
LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


Extra Care For The Everything Around Us That's Dying

So, last night ended up being less about the meteors than it did about the true spirit of the DoS. Way too cloudy, so a few of us decided to make some noise in the venue. Much to our surprise, the rest of the housemates seemed into it as they filtered in and took seats in the audience. Then, kids began lining up outside of the garage door trying to peek inside to see what was going on. They ended up filtering in and were totally rocking out and digging our frenetic carny-drone. It was a blast.

Planning the upcoming camping trip to the Olympic Rainforest, which I'm stoked for... alas, my two friends here who are sick have (I think) got me with their colds. Trying to fend this off before we depart.

...and now, I'll walk down to the seaside to see if I can catch sight of any any meteors.

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