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That Was Weird

Went for another bike ride today, finally. I need to get out and do that more. It's really enjoyable out here, if not much more difficult, than back home. These hills can kill your legs, I'm telling you. I'll miss going for these cool, crisp rides in winter.

In bigger, more relevant news, I recorded a piece that I've been thinking of for some time now. It's part two of the centerpiece of the album, which was inspired by a dream of a close friend that I really related to. The two tracks, both combined and apart, contrast the rest of the album in terms of both mood and instrumentation. At this point, you may be surprised to learn that there is almost no electric guitar on the entire album and very little in the way of effects... I guess the Pacific Northwest has gotten to me, after all. Anyways, it's really hard for me to write music that expresses something that I'm feeling... I usually come up with ideas for the music and let the mood follow suit. With these two pieces, however, I feel that I've accurately expressed myself in my music (maybe for the first time). This will definitely be the most different, emotional thing you've heard from TDUH. I think I'm about halfway done with material at this point. After which, I can re-launch working on my live set. You won't hear any of these recorded songs in my set, at least not as they were recorded. For me, music is temporal and closely tied to a specific place. As such, I've found that I don't believe that a live set can do justice to these recordings. When I get my live set tweaked, expect almost a different set for every show with variations on things you'll probably recognize. I'll likely play my first show out here relatively soon (release-show type of deal) and then there's talk about a tour shortly thereafter to try and promote the album with some (label?) mates.

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