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A recent conversation at Penguin Coffee in Anacortes, WA between Alisha (A), Matthew (M), and myself (N). We opened up a chat so we could talk about the characters surrounding us. A note: Iron & Wine was playing on the overheads.

M: Hey!

N: So much to talk about!

A: So, guys.

N: Dudes next to us want to see a movie tonight...

A: How 'bout it?

M: Da Vinci Code.

A: What?

N: Junior novelization.

M: Pron.

A: He just said, "pull up to dips."

M: 'A utopia' or 'an utopia'?

A: Found phrases, guys. 'A'. You think they pump weights at the Fidalgo Pool And Fitness Center?

N: More importantly, do you think they are for or against the referendum?

M: Oooo.

N: Should we get a town hall going in here?

M: God, I wish I knew.

A: Just turn around and ask them.

N: Iron & Weights.

A: Are their names? This is what we would do at work all day to make fun of customers.

M: We should get paid for this. 'Cuban missile crisis' or 'Cuban Missile Crisis'?

A: I think the latter. What are you writing?

N: The next Dan Brown book.

A: Cool.

M: 'The pyramids of Giza' or 'the Pyramids of Giza'? Jokes!

A: What? What's another word for titillate? Found phrase: relentless heavy tickling.

M: Tantalize.

A: Borgasm. A word I just considered using.

M: Wow. That is great. Refills?

A: Perhaps.

M: Doppelgangers! Doppelbocks! It seems like all the 'bros' come to Penguin.

N: I dunno, guys. He's got Converse shoes.

M: Converse are totally accepted by bro culture.

A: Tell me more.

N: Iron & ESPN.

A: These are like college guys who volunteer at youth group. Ha!

M: Iron & SKIN!

A: Ultimate & Frisbee.

M: Nick loves ultimate frisbee! He's a bro!

A: I have nothing against it.

M: An indie doppelganger!

A: Nick, you should translate for us.

N: I love disc golf, guys. You act like you know me. You don't know me.

A: Frisbee & Golf. You're besties. Is it warm in here?

M: I don't know these bro subtleties. It's hot in here. My pits smell. Like a bro.

A: How would you know?

M: I study.

N: Guys, what if Danny DeVito, dressed as the Penguin from Batman, came in right now?

A: Whoa. Blowing. My. Mind.

M: Mmm.

A: We'd get him a booster seat. Someone should be that for Halloween.

M: Hyphy.

N: Well, friends, I'm running on reserve battery here. So, I lose.

M: Fudge. There is outlets. I'm about to post and then I can leave. Last minute editing. Refinement.

A: No outlets?

N: I'm sure one of the bros wouldn't mind peer-editing for you.

A: There are some in the corner.

At which point my computer died. A fitting end to a productive (?) afternoon.


Alisha said...

just made my day to reread that.

Anonymous said...

Greatest conversation ever