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The Best Books Of The '00s

No order here, but I did come up with precisely 29 on my first time through. Also included are anthologies which were published in the past decade.

100 Bullets Vol. 01: First Shot, Last Call (2000), Brian Azzarello
Anathem (2009), Neal Stephenson
Black Panther: Civil War TPB (2007), Reginald Hudlin
Black Panther: The Bride TPB (2007), Reginald Hudlin
The Book Of Bunny Suicides (2003), Andy Riley
The Book Of Bunny Suicides, Vol. 2: Return Of The Bunny Suicides (2005), Andy Riley
Captain America: Civil War (2007), Ed Brubaker
Choke (2001), Chuck Palahniuk
Civil War: Front Line, Book 1 (2007), Paul Jenkins
Civil War: Front Line, Book 2 (2007), Paul Jenkins
Civil War: Marvel Universe (2007), Ed Brubaker
Fables: Animal Farm (2003), Bill Willingham
Fables: Legends In Exile (2002), Bill Willingham
Fables: The Good Prince (2008), Bill Willingham
Ford County (2009), John Grisham
Lullaby (2002), Chuck Palahniuk
Mc Sweeney’s At War For The Forseeable Future And He’s Never Been So Scared (2004), Dave Eggers
McSweeney’s Issue 23 (2007), Dave Eggers
McSweeney’s Issues One Through Three (2006), Dave Eggers
On Writing (2000), Stephen King
Paradigm Shift: Equilibrium (2003), Dirk Tiede
Paradigm Shift, Part Two: Agitation (2006), Dirk Tiede
The Problem Of The Media: U.S. Communication Politics In The Twenty-First Century (2004), Robert W. McChesney
Spy VS Spy Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity! (2009), Antonio Prohias
Spy VS Spy Masters Of Mayhem (2009), Antonio Prohias
Spy VS Spy Missions Of Madness (2009), Antonio Prohias
Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie (2005), Jane Irwin
Vogelein: Old Ghosts (2007), Jane Irwin
Whiteout (2004), Ken Follett
The Wide Window (2000), Lemony Snicket

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