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Are You Eating A Banana?

Topic 1: I began watching Twin Peaks yesterday at the behest of all of my new friends out here and because I'm a huge Lynch fan... this was just something I never got around to. So, watched the pilot and was immediately engrossed. Glad they've got the 'Gold Box' here, it'll be occupying my time. Also, not sure what this means yet, but everyone I live with tells me that the show resembles my new life quite accurately... *DUN* *DUN* *DUN*

Topic 2: Got to talking last night with a really nice guy who is using our recording studio. He's from the Elephant 6 collective. Two words: old skool. One more word: awesome. He, his wife, and even their little girl are all very interesting and really nice to sit and chat with. Talked at length last night about the importance of independent media and, more specifically, college radio. Everyone seems really thrilled with what I've accomplished with radio in my past and there's now talk of establishing a DoS radio station... hopefully much, much more on this very soon.

Topic 3: Spent the day isolated in the venue listening to records and organizing, perusing the zine library. I can tell that this (in addition to booking & this radio business) will quickly become one of my favorite responsibilities here. Can't wait to begin contacting publishers/authors for donations. If YOU have a zine that you'd like in our stacks, please get in touch.

As for tonight, I think it's about time that us non-drinkers head to the Donut House again (one of my favorite new places) since everyone aside from me seems opposed to Cruisin' Coffee even though they're dirt cheap and have cute girls working there.

Oh yeah, and internet addiction is a terrible malady that should never be remedied by heading into a Starbucks. Yeah, they're everywhere out here and yeah, it's convenient but man alive there is certainly a specific type of person that chooses this place over any of the other thousand options within walking distance.

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