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Securing The Perimeter

Took my first trip to Seattle today. When I first arrived over a week ago, I missed all of Seattle due to an alternate routing suggested by my friends over at Google Maps. So, I headed into the University District today, which is quite far on the northern side of the city. As a result, I didn't get any feel or real good look at downtown, but when the skyline appeared on the horizon shortly before exiting the highway, I was beaming. Went to a movie at the Seven Gables Theater which is a great indie theater with exactly one screen. There's also a really cool book shop just down the block that specializes strictly in books on film... some really cool stuff there. As for the movie itself, it was decent. Somewhat typical French flick of romance that's very lighthearted at first and then suddenly becomes extremely serious at the very end. I used to be very against going to movies on my own, but there's really no other option sometimes, you know? It was a lonely kind of day.

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