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Whitewashing Collapsed Barns

At the age of 23, I've left everything that's ever given me comfort and traded it in for the unknown.

I'm headed out to Anacortes, Washington for a stint at the Department Of Safety. I'll be living and working there: booking, recording, and generally being creative. I'm going to reinstate this blog for all things TDUH. What you'll find here will be part travel journal, creative pondering, and personal epiphany.

Let me list a few of my goals for the next several months at the collective:
1) Record a TDUH album.
2) Learn to play the drums.
3) Start a record label.
4) Learn more about myself so that I know what to do with these loose ends when/if I return.

After a very Garden State last few minutes in Illinois, I made my way on the first of three legs of my journey. Illinois brought the traffic, as usual. Wisconsin brought few surprises and lots of speed traps. Minnesota has been the slump of the trip thus far. North Dakota is quite beautiful set in front of the setting sun, but I'm happy to have stopped just short of my goal of Bismarck for the evening. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted (especially after having a near panic attack at the apparent shortage of vacant hotel rooms in the middle of bumble-fuck-nowhere).

The playlist for my trip has been mostly ambient, leading to some contemplation and reflection... I figure that I've got three days of being utterly alone, so I might as well try and work through as much baggage as I can in that time. Right now, I'm feeling endlessly excited, anxious and sad (don't have much of an appetite, either). The good news is that I'm already coming up with some new musical ideas. This is good.

(1) Careless bird
(1) Spider in my car

Things for sale, roadside (pretty sure they don't do Craigslist out here, so I thought I'd bring them into the information age):
(1) Extremely large rock
(Countless) Buffalo


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