YOU HONK AND WE SAY THANK YOU (2009, CD-R) out of print
SONS & DAUGHTERS (2013, DIGITAL) currently unavailable
LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


I'm Normally Not Prone To Cannibalism, But This Boy Smells Like Hickory!

Had part deux of the job interview today. Went extremely well. I'm consistently amazed with how well I can sell myself. Oh, how sweet it is to suckle on the teat of corporate America.

Tonight's show was really low-key, but pretty cool:
D.O.S. friends Ashley & Eli (from LAKE) opened things. Just the duo is like a retro-/low-fi/low-key Mates Of State... people eat that shit up.
Breathe Owl Breathe were great entertainers and brought enough board games, sabre tooth tigers, and stunt men for everyone. Like early Dirty Projectors... really good set.

Aside from that, things are moving along with figuring out release information for the upcoming album... it's actually looking like I may have label support for my debut release! More information (hopefully) forthcoming.

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