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Human Emergency At The Pet Emergency Center

Yesterday, I proved my worth as an actual member of the "cook staff" here when we have shows. Many compliments on the homemade pizza. I don't take much credit, but it was pretty cool to see people enjoying what I was making. We've got a pretty rad duo in the kitchen for shows here, now.

The show itself was okay. Here are my reviews:
Madonna Bangers were entertaining and unpretentiously punk. Great singer.
Apollo Ghosts brought the corniness and surf for the evening. Enjoyable.
Imagine a more lighthearted, punk, chick duo playing doing their best Lightning Bolt impersonation. You've got yourself Bash Brothers.
Contrast this with Rose Melberg. She was kind enough to record one of her new songs for Indie Street's Department Of Podcast... keep an eye out.
Local flavor with Photosynthesis. Only half (one) of the members in attendance.

Today's trip to Seattle was fantastic and just what I needed. Went to a fantastic tea cafe and had myself a delicious green tea mojito. Proceeded into downtown to do some thrifting and general sightseeing. Seattle is one big Wicker Park with better coffee and nicer people. Beautiful, too... foliage, water, mountains. Ate some phenomenal pesto pizza and did some browsing at the flagship REI for our upcoming DoS camping trip this weekend, too. Good friends, good fun. Wish you were here.

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