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What The Craft Fest?

What a strange day. Anacortes is bustling with more activity than I've seen since I've been out here due to the influx of people hitting up the art fair on the streets... I have to say, even though I'm tempted to get some food from these vendors, I don't like the massive amount of people hanging about right now. They're fucking with my isolation! Oh, well.

Went to the dump today in 'Cinnabear', the DoS pickup that's 45+ years old. Hilarious. When you drive that thing around, people think you're crazy and you probably are.

So far, this evening is a bit depressing, as I really wish that I could be at a housewarming back home. I tried to do some recording, and ended up with a new album-version of "Bottlecaps" that I've been working out for some time... it'll be the only familiar song on the new album. However, it's one of those nights where I'm listening to the 5-6 songs I've got and thinking they're all crap. I suppose that's an inevitable part of the creative process, but it's still frustrating as hell.

Going to go figure out what to do with my evening. The night is young and nobody is around... bummer.

Oh, this is happening tomorrow. You should come.

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