YOU HONK AND WE SAY THANK YOU (2009, CD-R) out of print
SONS & DAUGHTERS (2013, DIGITAL) currently unavailable
LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


Llama Echo

Back to the Anacortes life today. Went for a swim... beautiful. Only people there at a calm, cold lake. Couldn't stay in for too long at a time, so we just jumped in a bunch. Then, we found a shit-ton of blackberries so we did what anyone would do: pick 'em. We've got bowls and bowls full of them to snack on, make pies, crumbles, etc. Delish.

How do you listen to your music? Do you choose music that will reflect your current emotional state or music to get you out of your emotional state? I'm not sure I subscribe to one or the other but I can tell you that I've been listening to a lot of The Promise Ring and Owen... I guess right now, it's the former. Like I said, lonesome.

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