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Paper Towels As Pee-Guards

As predicted, another day similar to yesterday. Things moved a bit more fluidly today, as I chatted up the folks recording here from the Elephant 6 collective... so much history there. It's definitely another one of my 'pinch me' moments.

Also have to mention Stellarium, the newest addition to my arsenal of increasing star-related nerdery. I have no clue why this stuff interests me in the way that it does, but I'm totally stoked about this application. You should try it out and then get outside and catch all of the Inuit and Norse constellations you've never had any idea were staring you in the face all of your life.

In all, at this point I'd like to say that I'm enjoying myself immensely. Creatively and intellectually speaking, this place is unbeatable and I've felt support & inspiration like never before. I do have to also admit that it's awful lonely out here. The people I really like are either married or have their own groups of friends... I'm getting a whole new grasp on the 'lonesome, crowded West'. In sum: if you're reading this, chances are good that I miss you more than you can realize.

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