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LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


The Music Of Degenerates

The past few nights have been fun, what with the shows and people coming in and out. Went out to a lame bar last night where we all felt awkward and out of place... it's amazing how far removed we are from society at this point. Surround us with several televisions and people in polo shirts and we're out of our element, indeed.

Been fairly bored today and not in a great mood. Did some podcast work, watched some Twin Peaks and a lot of reading. Otherwise, just been meandering about and complaining that I can't make anything delicious to eat... getting pretty bored with my limited repertoire of culinary skills. Resorting to frozen goods en masse, which leave me pretty unsatisfied at the end every meal.

I fear that tomorrow will be much the same as today. Hopefully I'll figure out something cool to do. I can't even really work on the album since some folks are here recording all weekend.

ho hum

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