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Biggest Sprinklers You've Ever Run Through

And with that, my residence at the Department Of Safety has begun. Still sinking in.

Today's drive seemed much longer than any of the other, actually longer drives in my three legs. Perhaps it was the anticipation, but most likely, it was the amount of absolutely fuck NOTHING in the entire state of Washington up until Seattle.

Well, let's cut to the chase, shall we?

What are the odds that I'm now living with someone that my old band used to play with all of the time? Slim, but such is life. Very strange.

I made up my room as best as possible, but am missing a few bare essentials: rug, shelves, etc.

Other than that, I am completely enraptured with every single aspect of this place. I've met a ton of people already and worked a little stuffing CDs into cases for What The Heck with Phil Elverum.

As for right now, I'm enjoying a piece of feshly made "bread-cake-cherry-thing" that my new friend from England whipped up while listening to old soul 7"s in the common area...

...I think I'll be just fine out here.

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