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LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


I Can't Swim. I Wasn't Allowed. My Asthma—

Meandering around town this morning was in stark contrast to the events of the evening: jumping off of a small cliff into the most beautiful lake you've ever seen.

Noticing that cost of living here is a bit more than back home. Gas and groceries are all inflated (probably because of the whole 'island' thing). Decided to skip buying shelves and be resourceful/cheap -- my new CD cabinets are made out of old cardboard boxes and don't look half bad, if I do say so myself. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to cleaning up DoS for Heck Fest... people are already coming into town to check the place out. I only arrived yesterday and I'm already a host. Listened to the new YACHT album with one of the nice gents from Casiotone For The Painfully alone and then did the aforementioned swimming. Scraped the shit out of the top of my foot: my first battle scar from the West.

Things are moving along, but there's something here to remind me of each of you back home: a Seattle's Best 24-hour coffee joint; Papa Murphy's pizza; and an old brown Volvo station wagon parked across the street.

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