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(What The Heck) Did I Just See?



Over the past few days, I became closer with a lot of the folks that I now live with, as well as becoming chums with some of my idols (going to get late-night donuts, for one). Yeah, it's weird. Thought I'd catch you up on some (I'm probably forgetting a few things) of the action of the past few days before I return to a normal schedule.

Your Heart Breaks kicked things off in a very Pacific Northwest-y fashion. Pretty solid and enjoyable.
Mecca Normal, though decent entertainers, are just not my thing. There, I said it.
My favorite performance of all three days was Mirah's. This is probably more as a result of personal anticipation/goal-setting than anything else.
Most of my friends in my house played with Mt. Eerie and are touring with him this fall. Check them out if they're coming your way.
Earth closed the first evening with a solid performance, if slightly less intense than I was anticipating. Epic, yes.
Sadly, Generifus earns the title of most forgettable. Sorry, gang.
The antics of Vibrarians came as expected. Them is some punk rawk ladiez.
A roommate of mine has a band called St. Merman. They're pretty good.
In a way, Ship Of Friends was good. Ultimately, however, it comes across as pretty gimmicky.
Sitting in the sun listening to Rose Melberg is quite relaxing. Recommended.
I told everyone they'd enjoy Cryptacize. I was right, they did.
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Catharsis.
Katy Davidson Jam Band (ex-Dear Nora). See also: Generifus, above.
My new friend, the lovely Genevieve, is O Paon. She used to call herself Woelv.
Karl Blau, perhaps unsurprisingly, played with nearly every band this past weekend. His new stuff is surprisingly refreshing.
Film screening by Vanessa Renwick. Stand up and get a snack before proceeding, there's more.
GRAMMY AWARD WINNER Kimya Dawson. Yeah, songs for little kids are still not doing anything for me.
Oh, you wanted juxtaposition? Wolves In The Throne Room brought it.
I did my part and played with my new friends and roomies in Motorbikes. Very promising stuff coming from this.
White Fang are raucous children screaming and breaking things. Meh.
Lucky Dragons played a really cool, interactive set. Circles of toys on the ground for y'all to play with.
Do you like Bret Lunsford, Karl Blau and/or Phil Elverum? You'll love D+.
Do you like Old Time Relijun, pretentious lead singers and/or loud guitars? You'll love Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa.
Grouper was the most stunning of anything I was privy to this weekend. So inspiring... color me impressed.
Sheahan Drive is an old artist in residence from the DoS. You should probably buy his records because you'll like them.
I avoided Tara Jane O'Neil because I gave her a not-so-great review on a past episode of Indie Street. She sounded okay though.
No Kids are Mates Of State without the cheese. Made me think of her again.
Everyone went ape-shit for Lake. Not my bag.

If I do say so myself, the DoS definitely "made it happen" this weekend. Here's to strengthening our grasp throughout the rest of the year.

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