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Popping Off Of Potholes

What a tiring day!

Went to the NSRA DGC in beautiful/podunk Sedro Woolley today. It was amazing there and unlike any other disc golfing experience I've had in my life. Sprawling hills set the scene amidst a lightly wooded course. It was 18 holes, which is longer than I'm used to in the first place. In the second place, the holes are looong. Went by my lonesome and had to basically guess where each basket was, which didn't help. There are pretty big gusts of wind since you're basically in a valley between mountains, which made it all the more difficult. However, the main obstacle here was the heat. Stifling. I usually don't sweat a ton, but my shirt was soaked through by the time I got back to my car. Many of the baskets are "art baskets" which also added to the insurmountable odds of me achieving par... most of which forbid you to overshoot your target with the only openings in the front. In addition to my usual difficulty of finding my somewhat faded discs in longer grass, the sprawling bramble of blackberries running alongside and through almost all of the holes made each one seem all the more intimidating. It's amazing the sense of remoteness I feel out here, even when I leave the island. I was the only one at the course the entire time I was there in what seemed like the middle-of-nowhere.

Afterwards, we promptly went swimming again before testing out our new Indie Street format... I have high hopes for both the normal episodes and the all-new 'Department Of Podcast' episodes.

Oh yeah, I also helped Paul duplicate copies of the new Motorbikes EP. You should get a copy. It's good.

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