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LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


Producing Productivity

What a strange day of ups and downs, revelation and reflection.

Started the day off right by getting the very first Indie Street: Department Of Podcast episode off of the ground. This is very exciting for me... I think that this makes manifest opportunities for us to grow as a *gulp* business: underwriting and syndication are all within reach.

Inundated with phone calls from home early in the afternoon, which made me miss home a bit... true feelings would not surface until later.

Attempted to record a normal Indie Street episode with shit results. Microphone problems, internet problems, application problems... we were all over the place. Hopefully things will be easier tomorrow but if not, our alternative solution will be much more professional (if not as silly/lighthearted). This was depressing.

Turned that negative energy around into the second song that will make the cut for my upcoming record. Dark, melancholic, ambient piece that will make you shriek. Won't be released until the album makes it out. Feeling good at this point.

This was followed by more communication from back home. Gave the walking tour of the place and really got homesick for the first time. I miss my family and friends.

Simultaneously, today really solidified why I am out here. I feel a great deal of pride for what I've accomplished thus far and it's amazing to hear feedback from people whose work I care about just as much as my own. I've been making some great connections, bonds of friendship, and creative work that I'm proud of. I'll be here for some time... I just hope I can somehow recapture what I feel I've lost over the past several months.

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