YOU HONK AND WE SAY THANK YOU (2009, CD-R) out of print
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LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


Call On Me. Call On Me. Call On Me.

How is it that every time I head into the living room, this song is playing? Fate, it would seem, that by the early evening I've cycled back to the same state as the previous night.

Did some cleaning today. Dyson vacuums are truly tits. Washed my sheets and was suddenly reminded of the conditions with which I originally received the blanket I still use... I sometimes imagine that voice coming up the echo chamber that is our stairwell.

Discovered that Michael & Michael Have Issues is surprisingly good! It's nice to add another show to the few that I do enjoy.

I realize that I was remiss in doing a proper show review for our concert here on Friday night. Here goes:
Motorbikes played again. I've mentioned them a couple of other times, just do your research, dummy.
The bearded gents from Megafaun delivered what amounted to a low-key Band Of Horses show. Very pretty.
Though you can hear for yourself, Bowerbirds were quite similar to Megafaun with a tinge of a less pretentious Decemberists. That's a good thing.

We've got one of the gals from Lake recording her solo work here right now. She's very nice and sounds good. It's fun to always have new, interesting people popping in.

I'd like not to discuss the particulars of our third attempt at an Indie Street episode tonight, because I'll just get super bummed. So, there.

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