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LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


I'm Going To Make A Salad...! To Share!

What started off as a day of frustration and exhaustion ends with a sense of pride and exhaustion.

Went to a paranormal investigator's house to pick up a dishwasher. Going to try and get him to give a workshop on ghost hunting here. I/we had no experience in dealing with dishwashers or our second project: replacing the valves, etc. on all of our non-working/leaking toilets. After a hell of a lot of back and forth to the appliance store and hardware stores in town, I finally got the dishwasher in! And it works! Totally spent. We've named the new appliance the 'Ecto Trap' after the Ghostbusters containment devices, for reasons stated above.

...and now, dance party.

"My friend the crow is reading my journals; marks with a pen every time he sees your name."

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