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Professor X Said It Best...

"We're all misfits in this world... but this place isn't just about putting up a barricade and enduring our pain. It's about seizing the day and making our lives useful."

Funny how I'm a big enough nerd to transpose meaning from Marvel Comics to my own life, no?

Got my job interview on today, went really well. Headed straight up that corporate ladder, yo.

Tried to work some more on the set that I'll be playing soon, but found myself distracted with thoughts of the album. Can't quite pin down what I'd like to accomplish first. It changes with the tides, at this point. However, I can tell you that I'm much more excited about the album right now than anything else. I've got a title picked out, finally as well as some context for the jacket.

Now, people from Sweden are here. Talked to one of the foremost booking agents in the Swedish indie scene. It was great. Going to learn some crafts from them and then listen to some of their music that they'll perform for us in exchange for a place to sleep tonight. Very cool.

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