YOU HONK AND WE SAY THANK YOU (2009, CD-R) out of print
SONS & DAUGHTERS (2013, DIGITAL) currently unavailable
LIVE 05.21.18 (2018, DIGITAL)


Same Page

Got some promotion done for the 8/8 show here with Rose Melberg. Come out if you can.

Unexpectedly wrote and recorded another track for the album. Basically, my vision at this point is to have an ambient, sparse, "post-rock" vibe without all of the long song business. I'm trying to keep almost everything under five minutes for purely arbitrary reasons, really... I want it less epic and more fluid, if that makes sense at all.

Had a house meeting tonight to establish some roles. Basically, I'm in charge of booking, promotion and the zine library... as expected. I'm really optimistic about what the DoS is capable of while I'm here and keep prolonging my estimated stay time.

Still toying around with doing some academic writing while I'm out here. I've got a couple of different subjects in mind which are all vaguely related to my senior thesis.

For now, though, it's all about this album, finding things to busy myself with and keep my mind off of things.

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