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There's A Serious Vinyl Fetish Going On Around Here

Realizing that I'm a bit more out of shape than I had anticipated. Rode my bike down to the ferries... my anticipated breathtaking vista did not, however, materialize. Lots of hills and cute houses facing the water... one of the first times in my life I'd ever thought, "this is would be a nice place to raise a little family."

Also, I'm getting the odd feeling that I'm here doing field research. Even though I feel like I should be inspired musically, which I am (hanging out with my idols, compatriots, and watching/listening to them record), I've ended up getting some ideas on the academic side of things. At a house show in Bellingham this evening, I was far less interested in the bands there than in the logistics and demographics of the whole affair. It sounds stupid, but I'm basically living out my senior thesis. It's amazing to contrast and compare the two scenes I've now been a part of. Looking forward to where this is going... more later.

Oh, and for the record, the buzz surrounding The Hurt Locker is kind of dumb. Nothing too special, but a half-arty war flick.

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